Latchkey & Child Care

For Cross of Glory Lutheran School Child Care Program

Cross of Glory Lutheran Child Care is available 11:30am to 6:00pm and will be offered in the preschool room to three and four year old children. Cross of Glory Preschool and Child Care follows the same yearly calendar as Cross of Glory School. Click here for Child Care fees.


Cross of Glory Lutheran School Latchkey Program

  • What is Latchkey?

Latchkey is a before and after school care offered by Cross of Glory Lutheran School to students from Kindergarten to 8th grade during the school year on school days.  The program will provide a safe and secure environment for children.  The program will include time for homework and study, as well as free play and other activities.  When weather permits outside activities will be included.

  • Who may attend Latchkey?

Cross of Glory students.

  • What are the hours?

Before school---7:00am-8:00am
After school---3:30pm-6:00pm

  • Are snacks provided?

No, but you may bring a snack from home.  It is a good idea to bring a daily snack.

  • What are the fees for this program?

The current fees are $6 per hour per student.  A sibling of the first child is $4 per child per hour.  Time will be recorded by the quarter hour.  That is $1.50 per quarter hour for the first child and $1 per quarter hour for the siblings.  Late charge for pick-up after 6pm is the hourly rate every 15 minutes.

  • How do I pay for Latchkey?

Statements will be issued at the conclusion of each week for the previous week.  Payment should be made by the end of each week or in advance.  Please give your payment to the latchkey leader.

  • Who heads the Latchkey?

A licensed Cross of Glory faculty member will always be on site during the hours of Latchkey.

  • What if my child is ill or injured?

In the event of an injury or illness other than minor scratches and abrasions:

  • Staff should administer first aid.

  • Person responsible for the child will be contacted.

  • In case of emergency, staff will notify the health care source authorized on the school registration.


  • How does my child attend Latchkey?

Attendance may be regular or casual as needed.  Latchkey may be used in the morning by dropping off the child(ren) before 8am.  If Latchkey for the after school hours are needed then the parent must call school for approval and state who will pick up the child and at approximately what time so the child may then just remain at school and join the Latchkey program.

  • Latchkey operates on which days?

Latchkey will operate on all school days.  On days when there is a half day of school Latchkey will operate from after school to 6pm.  When school is cancelled early morning for inclement weather or other causes, there will be no Latchkey.  If school is called off early for some emergency reason, then Latchkey will begin immediately after school is cancelled.  Latchkey will be conducted as long as the weather or any other unforeseen conditions have not reached a dangerous level.  The extended Latchkey will have the same hourly rates as the usual times.

  • What guidelines will be used to oversee Latchkey?

Since Latchkey is an extension of Cross of Glory Lutheran School, Latchkey will be run using the same guidelines as the school as stated in the School Handbook.  Such topics would include discipline, behavior, nuisance items, classroom decorum, respect of teachers and other adults, etc.

  • Do I have to register my child?

Each family should fill out a registration at the beginning of the school year to have on file whether or the family is planning on Latchkey regularly or not.  It may be that Latchkey needs to be used periodically or maybe just on one day for a family emergency.  Then Latchkey will be prepared for the child attendance.

  • What about signing in and signing out?

Your child needs to be physically signed in and out each and every day that your child uses Latchkey.  The parent or an emergency contact person must sign the child in or out.  There are no exceptions.  We like to have face to face contact with the parents or care givers to share any information that needs to be exchanged, as well as the safety concern, that your child is released to the appropriate adult.  If another adult other than listed contacts are picking up then a note must be sent in prior to Latchkey.  Contact forms and names may always be changed on our forms whenever necessary.